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Still digesting (literally & figuratively as it happens), but on first flush? Bloody fabulous! I love reading work that isn't pushing an agenda or an ego. Might this, even, be a discourse? 🙃 I am a sponge at this point, I have nothing to add, but I am very happy and willing to listen. Please continue, kind sir! This kind of stuff does fill me with joy 🙂

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Aw, man. I had completely the opposite reaction to maintenance phase. I love them! Granted, I do listen at 1.75x speed and did notice on their recent glucose epi that they can be meanies as well.

Thank you for this article!

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Finally getting round to commenting, was reading in the bus to Milford Sound and majorly overestimated internet availability (for the best probably).

I loved this, you and Lee are a two very fun minds to interact and we’re lucky to read those thoughts you both have! I’m equally envious and glad I don’t have his mind, I feel like I simply wouldn’t sleep with that much thinking 😅

Very valid feelings towards Maintenance phase too, their writing is very different to how they speak and it took me by surprise hearing Aubrey as I’d only read her book and blogs and never heard her voice before the podcast. It’s probably only one of a couple “conversational” podcasts I listen to, and I think it just works for me because that’s how I talk with my friends haha

Now to catch up on the rest of the posts I missed!

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I listened to some of Why we sleep and re the points in your post, I agree on the causation versus correlative point & Dr Walker in my mind infers society can solve many problems by getting a good amount of sleep.

I particularly liked Dr Walker's tips for hospitals, and was a little concerned with discussion regarding mass sleep regimes. Dr Walker's sleep Vision chapter was interesting, some of the dimming I've seen done with home automation software and use of red LED lights.

I'm put off listening to Maintenance Phase, but maybe sometime whilst mowing the lawn ^^

As for retiring Halo for a week and getting a good night sleep, good for you and your fam. I have retired Fortnite for the last couple of months. I must say my sleep pattern has completely changed for the better and I function better during the early hours of the day. Sorry to hear about the hospital visit, hope the young one is good now.

I like the perspective of experimenting on oneself, it's always good to know the prescriptions/studied ranges of what works and what doesn't.

GL HF with self experimentation.

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